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    No video play in PE ?


      After months of having no problems (Windows 7) all of a sudden I cant play videos in PE in either PE-window. The video proceeds, I can hear the sound, but the display stays blank. With a click into the window I can see one still frame in it. What could disturb the play ?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          1. What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          2. What video card/graphics card does your computer use?

          Is the driver version up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the the card?


          3. What are the properties of the source media involved...video and audio compression, file extension for starters?


          4. Can we assume that all is the same in all respects so that this is a "it worked before but not now" rather than "it never worked at all" issue.


          5. What antivirus program does your computer use...McAfee?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            Mike1024 Level 1

            Thanks for quick answer!!!


            1. PE 10,  Windows 7

            2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550Ti;  latest drivers

            3. Initial Success:  This problem obviously is depending on the kind of source media:

                 no problem with:

                 MPEG-Video with ."mp4" - ext, 720x480, Framerate 30, 143kb/sec

            but:  no success with:

                 MPEG Video with ."mpeg" -ext. 1440x1080, F/R 25,  3,1 MB/sec


            the latter one(which creates the problems) is the direct output from my SONY - Camcorder imported into PE.


            4. And with   t h i s   kind of Video  I definately had no problems before!

                I have no problems to play all these videos with the "VLC" Media Player on this PC (without Premiere Elements)

            5. I use "Avira" - Antivirus. Problems also arise when Antivirus is deactivated. Also before there were no problems together with this Antivirus


            Thank you in advance !! (Please excuse my english - I am Gerrman)

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Unfortunately we need to rule in or out the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA card combo as the core of your display issues. There is an epidemic of display issues targeted specifically at Premiere Elements 10 NIVIDIA users. The user to user fix is to roll back the video card driver to as far back as necessary to resolve the issue, NOT assure that you have the latest version of the video card driver. See if any of the information in the following thread can help you in this aspect of the troubleshooting.



              The usual drill includes

              a. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 10?

              b. Are you running the program as Run As Administrator and from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?


              Your English is great. Looking forward to your follow up to sort out the issues to a successful conclusion.


              Thank you.



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                Mike1024 Level 1

                Thanks again!


                a.  I have installed the latest QuickTime

                b.  I do run PE 10 as Admin!


                Thank you,


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the additional details related to your Premiere Elements issue.


                  Please take a look at the NVIDIA video card driver roll back to see if that works for you, at least to resolve the display issue. How the roll back will affect other applications on your computer is another issue. To date, neither NVIDIA nor Adobe has come forth with a fix for the display matter targeted at the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA users.



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                    Mike1024 Level 1



                    yes, I could step back to the recent driver, which came on in December 2013. Unfortunately no success!. I cannot find any driver before that time, that means, I can only use either the "up to date" driver or the  o n e  before.

                    Do you know how and where to get an even older driver?


                    Meanwhile it is half past midnight in Germany. I look forward to your answer tomorrow morning.


                    Thank you!

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Maybe two possibilities


                      a. Device Manager/Display Adapters/your video card name/Drivers Tab/Update Driver

                      Then select the category which usually reads "Browse my computer for driver software".


                      b. Contact NVIDIA for an assist in locating earlier versions of the driver.


                      Those are the first 2 places that come to mind.


                      I will think about this some more.


                      Thanks for the follow ups.



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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us has a link for "Beta and older drivers"

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7

                          John T. Smith


                          Great link John. Many thanks.



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                            Mike1024 Level 1

                            Hello alltogether,


                            meanwhile i had success in finding a suitable driver for my NVIDIA Card:  A Driver from March 2013  !!!!!

                            I think its a shame that NVIDIA  does not care about this problem at all.

                            However, thank you very much for this really precious tip - now I can continue to work on the video of my daughter!!

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              I think its a shame that NVIDIA  does not care about this problem at all.

                              I agree that it would be great if nVidia would address this issue, but at the end of the day, it is probably all about the numbers, and nothing more.


                              First, PrE 10 seems to be the only version affected (I still think that this is odd, but there must be something in the code of PrE 10, that is different from earlier versions, and later versions too), and then with only the latest nVidia driver versions.

                              As PrE 10 has been out of development for a couple of years now, I do not expect to see either Adobe, or nVidia spend the time and $ to find a fix - though it would be nice.

                              That the latest nVidia drivers do seem to work with all other versions of PrE, I anticipate that the numbers just do not add up.


                              When there was an issue with nVidia drivers (several years ago), the affect was almost universal over Adobe programs. It took about a month for Adobe users to trace the issues back to two nVidia 3D modules, used in gaming, and one of those with nVidia's 3D goggles. By the time that that troubleshooting was completed, nVidia had issued a new driver, but it also had the same problems - those same two 3D modules. Then, the fix was very simple. Those two nVidia drivers were departures from before, in how they installed - those two modules were turned ON by default. They had been OFF, by default, before, and by the third new nVidia driver, the default was again set to OFF. The fix was to manually turn those two modules OFF in the nVidia control console. No Adobe program could use them, and they crashed most Adobe programs - when turned OFF, everything worked well. If a user were to go to gaming, say after a Premiere editing session, they only had to turn those ON, but remember to turn them OFF, before using Premiere the next day. Simple fix, but it took a month to figure out what the problem was.


                              As the extreme gaming industry drives GPU and GPU drivers development, they are the "golden boys" of the industry. However, as Adobe programs are a large segmen of the industry (but way behind extreme gaming), that got nVidia's attention. In this case, we are talking about only one version of one of Adobe's "lesser" programs - PrE 10.


                              Until something changes, and I am not sure that it will, through direct R&D on nVidia's part, the two possible choices are the roll-back, as mentioned above, or to move up to a newer version of PrE, such as the current version 12. To date, I have not seen any issue with the latest nVidia drivers in either PrE 11, or 12.


                              While I would love to read what the issue is, with PrE 10, I don't think that we'll ever know - at least not directly from Adobe, or nVidia. If we ever do get the cause, it will almost certainly have to come from some individual code-buster, who will dissect the PrE 10 code vs the nVidia driver code.


                              Just my observations, and thoughts on this issue.



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Thanks for the great news that you are moving forward with your Premiere Elements 10 projects in spite of the related NVIDIA - Adobe issues.


                                As I recall, many of the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA users needed to roll back the video card driver to early 2013. Curosity forces me to want to know the whys. But I do not see the whys forthcoming from the NVIDIA side who must know what changes were made in its driver updates around that time.


                                The positive thought is that you will have your great video of your daughter which will be enjoyed and cherished by all.


                                Best wishes.



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                                  Mike1024 Level 1

                                  Hello Romano,


                                  here is what NVIDIA  answered via Facebook:  (Normally I stay away from this kind of platforms...)


                                  Adobe certifies all usable Videocards for PE by themselves.

                                  NVIDIA Quadro and TESLA are certified, Geforce are not.


                                  I am not very content as a user having to find out, if my VideoCard installed in my computer is suitable for a Videocut - program or not, before I buy it. I think, they are expecting too much from their clients!!. And also, Adobe gives no more support for PrE 10 any more. They just want me to spend another 100 $  for the next one (PrE 11 or 12), although for me PrE 10 was fine.


                                  Again, thank you for the good tipps!


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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Thanks for the follow up.


                                    One of the users caught in this Premiere Elements 10 NIVIDIA video card driver issue had some rough going this afternoon.


                                    And, he was trying to make decisions on what next since he had not located an older NVIDIA video card driver yet.


                                    Input to him from Adobe was that Premiere Elements 10 and 11 were not supported on Windows 8.1 64 bit. If you run into a similar siutation moving forward, be advised that Premiere Elements 10 and 11 work on Windows 8.1 64 bit and work very well. Just keep away from the NIVIDIA video card for the computer using Premiere Elements 10.


                                    The other user's story had a happy ending. He was able to locate an older NVIDIA video card driver version which worked for him so that he could move forward with this Premiere Elements 10 projects.


                                    Best wishes.



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                                      Mike1024 Level 1

                                      Hello Bill,


                                      thanks a lot for so much profunded "background information". And I am very glad, that with so much help I can still use my "Premiere Elements 10" !

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                                        nealeh Level 5

                                        Mike1024 wrote:


                                        NVIDIA Quadro and TESLA are certified, Geforce are not.


                                        Not completely true, quite a lot of GeForce cards are supported devices - http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/kb/supported-devices-premiere-elements.html.


                                        Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children


                                        If this post or another user's post resolves the original issue, please mark the posts as correct and/or helpful accordingly. This helps other users with similar trouble get answers to their questions quicker. Thanks.

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                                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                                          I suspect that you are taking Mike's quote out of context and reading only the second line and not both the first and second lines. So, I am interpreting the quote apparently differently than you are when I read both lines.


                                          Here is what NVIDIA  is quoted as stating via Facebook:


                                          Adobe certifies all usable Videocards for PE by themselves.

                                          NVIDIA Quadro and TESLA are certified, Geforce are not


                                          Since this statement is supposed to be coming from NVIDIA, I interpreted that to read that NVIDIA is telling us that it (NVIDIA) certifies its Quadra and TESLA cards (tests them for use for whatever), but not the GeForce ones. And, NVIDIA is contrasting its policy on its cards with the comment about Adobe furnishing information on video cards usable for Premiere Elements on its own.


                                          I see nothing in the above to suggest that NVIVIA is saying anything about the support or non support of GeForce cards for Premiere Elements. It is tossing the ball into Adobe's court for that.


                                          Maybe give it another read and see if you agree.





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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                            Not sure of the full meaning of the nVidia FB post, but nVidia ONLY does full certification of their Quadro and Tesla chips, and closely monitor the installation of those into cards. With other nVidia products, they do not certify each and every mfgr., though their chips are used.


                                            It's close to Mercedes Benz, where the majority of their cars, and especially the engines are built on an assembly line now. However, with their AMG cars, there is one technician (and a senior technician at that), who hand-builds the engine. He/she does one AMG engine at a time, from start to finish. That is sort of like the Quadro and Tesla cards - nVidia oversees their assembly with their Quadro and Tesla chips, and certifies each - that is not so with the GeForce chips, as they leave the plant, and go out to others for final assembly.


                                            Just an observation.



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                                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                                              Thanks for confirmation on my interpretation of Mike's quote.