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    Link Character Style to Paragraph in CS5.5?

    Precise Formwork Level 1

      I have created a few different Character Styles in Indesign e.g. SM and I want all of the Character Style SM to link to it's definded abbreviation 'Site Manager' in the document.


      Is it possible to link all of that Character Style throughought the document to that part of the document, or must I create all of them individually (monotonously)?

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Are you asking about how to apply your character style to a given phrase without manually clicking about? It sounds like it, but I'm not quite sure, as your use of the terminology diverges a bit from the way we usually talk about applying character styles (not "link"ing).


          But assuming I've read your intent correctly: Use the Find/Change window. There's a "More Options" button in the lower-right-hand corner that will expose the "Find Format" and "Change Format" options. So you could do a Find for the words "Site Manager" or the acronym or whatever, and then leave the Change window blank. Then choose your character style SM in the Change Format by clicking on the maginfying-glass-and-T button to the right, and choose your desired character style from the Style Options dropdown.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Could also be set up as a GREP style...

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              Precise Formwork Level 1



              What I am asking is a little out of the ordinary, though not that crazy.


              The Character Style I have applied to each abbreviation e.g. SM used approximately 50 times. The reader may forger what SM stands for. They can click on SM and this will take them to the first time SM is mentioned and defined 'Site Manager' in the document (cross-reference).


              They are not Paragraph Styles, and I don't think GREP styles are an option because of this.

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                Joel Cherney Level 5

                Aha! Now I understand. You want to programmatically add cross-references to all instances of a given character style. This is no doubt scriptable, but I don't think that there is a tool native to InDesign that does this.  I think that Kasyan's xref script might be of use to you in seriously reducing the number of clicks you need to make in order to pull this off. However, there's no script that will "find first instance of charstyle, define as hyperlink target, find second instance, make xref back to first instance, find next instance, repeat" -  at least that I know of.

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                  Precise Formwork Level 1

                  Thanks Joel,


                  I know very little about Character Styles and I think I'm trying to jump in too deep. I think I've set it up all wrong.


                  • E.g. at the beginnning of the document I have this sentence: 'responsiblity of the loadings imposed of the structure is the responsiblity of the Structural Engineer (SE).';
                  • Throughout the document I then refer as SE which has the Character Style SE applied to it. I want to be able to click on and this will take me to the defiinition above (on p-3);


                  I was hoping to use a Text Anchor and a Cross-Reference to link all of my SE references (applied with Character Style SE formatting) to this defined definition of Structural Engineer on page 3. I am worried I have created all of these in a way that will not benefit me.


                  I have watched this tutorial and some others on youtube and there seems to be little on creating Text Anchored Cross-References in Indesign. There are plenty on applying to Paragraph Styles however that is not an option as my document is a numbered report.


                  I didn't think it was going to be this complicated .

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                    Precise Formwork Level 1

                    To anyone this may help in the near future:


                    To assign a Text Anchor, select what you want to be the destination (when you click on the link is where you end up): this case Principal Contractor (PC). Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks, click top right button.

                    Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 16.08.05.png

                    New Hyperlink Destination, From drop-down menu select Text Anchor > Ok.


                    Congratulations you've now made your Text Anchor.


                    Setting up the Link:


                    Now we need to select the actual link itself.

                    1. Select whatever text you like;
                    2. Click top-right corner;
                    3. Insert Cross-Reference;
                    4. Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 16.17.25.pngUnder Text Anchor: you can select what you would like to link to. As you have already defined Principal Contractor as your destination link this will do nicely (and will be your only option selectable if you only did as above);
                    5. Under Cross-Reference Format > Drop - Down menu > Text Anchor Name: This is where you select what you wish it to be displayed as. You should create your own by clicking on the pen to the right > then the little + at bottom left corner.Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 16.30.13.png