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    RoboHelp on Citrix Presentation Svr 4

      We are using Citrix Presentation Svr 4, and we stream our applications using Softgrid. We would like to do the same with RoboHelp, does this work? I've heard that RoboHelp does a check on the network to find out whether or not someone else uses the license. Is this right? And is this the case on all RoboHelp versions?

      If this is the case, is it a way to pack and run RoboHelp with Softgrid to evade this?

      We want to get licenses, not shrinkwrap products.

      I hope someone can help me with this question!!!
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          Roger N Level 2
          Crayon123 -

          Welcome to the forum.

          Actually, that was four questions. but who's counting? First, RH is rather finicky about its environment, and I am biased about Citrix. Dont like it, never got it to work with my files. I dont think RH will either. Second, RH has been checking for duplicated licenses for several releases now. Not sure how far back that goes. Third, most users have reported nothing but problems with running RH on a network - and even leaving the source files on a server seems to cause problems. Lastly, given all that, I suspect it won't play nicely with Softgrid either. But I'm guessing on this last one.
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            CraigCC Level 2

            like Roger, citrix has caused me nothing but grief and is definitely no friend of mine when it comes to shipping help files. Each installation seems to be slightly different and causes no end of problems when accessing the help - in my experience. As far as Softgrid goes, I'd contact Adobe Technical support regading the license issue before making commitments. But my guess is that you won't really know until you try - that's the trouble with citrix set ups. Hopefully Adobe Tech support can shine some light.

            best of luck