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    AE and GPU's

    brianchaffee Level 1

      Here's one for the books.


      I would  like to get the newest iMac including the GTX 780M 4GB DDR5 GPU. This GPU is not on the white-list for After Effects to be able to see and use. When it will be added is a guess period, regardless of who you ask.


      I was planning on getting Video Copilot's, Element 3D. They too have a white list. And this newest GPU is also not on their list. So I contacted them as to whether this GPU was compatable with E3D. Matt, the brother of Andrew, replied that this GPU was good to go.


      So, I will be using one GPU that is both an unsanctioned GPU with the host program [AE] and a sanctioned card with the plugin, [E3D].


      I am also looking at a build several hundreds cheaper with a 780 that is sanctioned by AE. Then everyone can be happy.