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    is this possible


      hello i keep trying to put a button on top of my quickime movie and it disapears y is this ive moved my quicktime movie to the bottom of the score and the but to the top but i still get the same prob is there any way i can do it

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          For performance reasons, QuickTime, Flash and other digital video plays by default as Direct To Stage (DTS). This means that it appears in front of all other sprites, and no ink effects are used. You can turn off the directToStage property of your QuickTime sprite or member, but the fluidity of the playback will suffer.

          Since this is QuickTime, you can use the .mask property to punch a hole in the QuickTime movie. Create a 1-bit bitmap which is black everywhere, except where the button should appear: the button area should be white. The 1-bit bitmap should have its registration point in the top left corner. Check the entry for 'mask' in the Lingo help for more details. (You cannot use a mask with other digital video types).
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            openspark is correct. More information about DTS and one answer to your question is documented at:

            Working with direct to stage digital video in Director

            "Disabling the 'directToStage' property of a digital video member allows other sprites to be layered on top of that member, and also allows the use of transitions and ink effects. Digital video performance usually decreases if 'directToStage' is turned off. The following example show how to set the 'directToStage' property via Lingo:

            member("myVideo").directToStage = True "

            Please note that disabling DTS for your QT movie will significantly decrease its performance.

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