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    Compiler Problem

      Hi All:

      I'm having a little problem trying to compile a simple class in a package using mxmlc on OSX. I'm getting the following error from the compiler:

      mjollnir:~/flex/tests/package_test/mypackage wruth$ mxmlc MyClass.as
      /Volumes/bifrost/Users/wruth/flex/tests/package_test/mypackage/MyClass.as: Error: A file found in an source-path must have the same package structure '', as the definition's package, 'mypackage'.

      The code for MyClass.as is at the bottom of this message. I know this is pretty basic! Can someone give me a pointer on how to compile this successfully from the command line? If I remove the mypakage declaration (i.e., just use package { ... }), it works fine. But I want it to be in a package