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    Need Help Creating Advanced Interacives in InDesign


      I am a graphic designer for a multinational New Zealand based company and we are looking to create an interactive offline web site or flash programme that our reps can use to introduce people to our products. We are looking for something akin to what iBook can create on a Mac system and are thinking that InDesign coupled with a small amount of flash should do it. The final output would allow a rep to show documents, video and photos as graphically interesting (possibly ZUI) educational tools from their tablets while offline. It will require a rather large site map and hyperlinks to online content if available. I am writing to inquire about training material or courses in NZ that could cover this sort of advanced interactive design for InDesign.  I have some flash experience but until now InDesign has only been used for print layouts.  So is there courses available in NZ and would InDesign allow me to create such a multi-page interactive document?

      Cheers - Ben