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    How to create a DVD with 2 separate movies?

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      I'm a coach - and as I break down game film for my team, I'd like to distribute a single DVD with an Offensive film and a Defensive film, on a single DVD.  Once I edit the original clips, I usually have about 20 minutes of offense, and 25 minutes of defense.  Is it possible to open a DVD menu, in PE and just drag/drop my two films into the menu?  I've already made the separate films - just can't find a way to put them on the same DVD - with separate launch buttons.


      Please advise - thanks.


      Coach B.

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          Coach B


          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          These disc menus come in a set of main menu and scene menu. What are you thinking, one main menu page with 2 buttons, one to access Movie Offense and the other Movie Defense? Or are you thinking about scene selection as well within a given movie on the disc?


          The generalized concept is that you place markers within the Timeline content and those markers trace to the buttons designed into main menu page and scene menu page.


          Please check out the following blog post that I wrote recently on Adding Movie Thumbnails to a Disc Main Menu



          Please let me know what you want to have

          1. One Main Menu page with 2 movie thumbnails buttons for the viewer to navigate the two movies...no scene selection with each movie or something else?


          With such an arrangement, a typical Timeline scenario might be

          Main Menu Marker at beginning of 1st Movie on the Timeline

          Stop Marker at the end of the 1st Movie on the Timeline

          Main Menu Marker at beginning of 2nd Movie on the Timeline.


          Please review and then be can customized ideas.





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            Hi, A.T.  Yes, what I'm envisioning is one main menu with two movie thumbnails (offense & defense) with no scene selection.


            So, if I understand you - I can place markers at the start of each film?  If I open the film "offense"  how do I add the film "defense to the end of the offense timeline - thus creating a single film for the 2 markers?


            Or - can I open a blank menu and just drag each film to the menu (what I was use to doing in Roxio)?


            I'm using PE-11 on an Alienware PC running Win-7.  Let me know what I have to do, and I'll give it a shot.




            Coach B.

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              Coach B


              In Premiere Elements, it is the placement of the menu markers at the Timeline level in Edit that is going to be the important first step. There placement at the Timeline level will determine how they are represented (linked to) the buttons in the menu(s). The menu markers for this are going to be main menu markers and stop markers as per details.


              1. Setting up the Timeline.


              Place a main menu marker at the start of the first file of Offense Section.

              Place a stop marker at the end of the last file of Offense Section.


              Leave a few frames gap between the end of the Offense and the start of the Defense.

              (You cannot sit one marker on top of another)


              Place a main menu marker at the start of the first file of Defense Section.

              DO NOT place a stop marker at the end of the last file of Defense Section.


              2. As shown in the blog post to which I referred you for background information, there are two types of buttons we could use for Offense button and Defense button on the main menu. Let us start with using just the thumbnail type button.

              For now we will be assuming the end product as DVD-VIDEO Standard (4:3) on DVD disc.We will use the Sports/(AV)Extreme theme and do some file switching.


              a. You need to get copies of the following files from the Program Data




              They are copied at their saved located

              Local Disk C

              Program Data


              Premiere Elements



              DVD Templates



              and in the Sports Folder are those two files cited above which you copy and paste to an empty folder that you created on the computer desktop.


              b. Switch the file names so that the main menu has the scene menu design and vice versa. And, modify the names so that you do not mix up these modified files with anything else.

              So, you want to end up with a folder name mysportchannel on the computer desktop

              and in that folder are the two files who names you switched and changed.


              sportchannel_pal_s_sm.psd is changed to mysportchannel_pal_s_mm.psd


              sportchannel_pal_s_mm.psd is changed to mysportchannel_pal_s_sm.psd


              Take the desktop mysportchannel folder with these modified files and place it in the following spot in the following path...


              Local Disk C

              Program Files


              Premiere Elements


              DVD Templates


              and in the Common Folder place the mysportchannel folder.


              When you go to select this theme in the Movie Menu customization of the opened project, look under the Slideshow catagory.


              You should be looking at something like this in the Movie Menu customization area

              Football Menu.JPG

              Lots ot fine tuning yet to be done, detail wise.


              1. Is your end product, DVD-VIDEO standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9.

              2. Do you want the music background that comes with the original main menu?

              3. Do you want a Play All opportunity? This one allows for pick one or the other then return to the

              main menu.


              Please review the above. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification.





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                A.T. Thanks so much for the great detail - I'm definitely going back thru this, step by step!  Right now, we're in the middle of the playoff run - lots of long days and nights.


                For now, I just kept each "Offense" and each "Defense" set separate, because it took us hours to break all that film down (and we don't have that much time now).  I tried to copy/paste one movie into another movies timeline (no luck).  This means I produced several single DVDs (HVCHD) instead of one.


                From what I can see, it would have been best to originally extract all the clips into a single timeline and then use markers.  I just assumed there was a generic "movie template" where I could drag/drop PE-11 movies into that template.  With so many moving parts to our team - I really need "easy" where ever I can find it.  Film review is such a huge part of how we prepare.


                When our season is over, I will use your tips as our new baseline for future film breakdown (as we will probably stick with PE).  I will also go thru your sequence - so I can see how it's done.


                Again - thanks so much for the awesome detail - I truly appreciate it!


                -Coach B.

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                  Coach B.


                  Thanks for the follow up.


                  When your schedule permits, please do not hesitate to ask if you have additional questions on your Premiere Elements workflow strategy.


                  Wishing your team, you, and your staff a great playoff.