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    Menu de disque


      Je suis incapable de creer un menu de disque. Je vois la prévisualisation parfaitement, mais quand vient le temps de l'ajouter à mon projet ou de le graver, il n'y est pas. Comment faire pour que cela fonctionne. Merci

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          From the Premiere Elements Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1042180

          •What version of Premiere Elements? Include the minor version number (e.g., Premiere Elements 9 with the 9.0.1 update).

          •What operating system? This should include specific minor version numbers, like "Mac OSX v10.6.8"---not just "Mac".

          •Have you installed any recent program or OS updates? (If not, you should. They fix a lot of problems.)

          •What kind(s) of image file(s)? When talking about camera raw files, include the model of camera.

          •If you are getting error message(s), what is the full text of the error message(s)?

          •What were you doing when the problem occurred?

          •What other software are you running?

          •Tell us about your computer hardware. How much RAM is installed?  How much free space is on your system (C:) drive?

          •Has this ever worked before?  If so, do you recall any changes you made to Premiere Elements, such as adding Plug-ins, brushes, etc.?  Did you make any changes to your system, such as updating hardware, printers or drivers; or installing/uninstalling any programs?

          And some other questions...

          •What are you editing, and does your video have a red line over it BEFORE you do any work?

          •Have you viewed the tutorial links at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 page?

          •Which version of Quicktime do you have installed?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system it is running?

            What specific disc menu are you using? And,how many menu markers do you have on the Timeline of that project.


            But the heart of the matter seems to go to the following because of the way that you worded your question.


            What do you mean by

            but when it comes time to add it to my project or burn, it is not.


            After you preview your disc menu and click done, you will not see the disc menu again until playback of the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc produced in the burn to disc DVD (if that is your burn to choice). After you click done, the menu does not display on the Timeline with the imported media for the project.


            The important question is "After you burn the Timeline to disc, does the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc (if that is what you produced) play back with menus?


            Please review and ask for clarification on anything written.


            We are eager to see you succeed with your Premiere Elements project.


            Thank you.