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    Text Features (Youtube Beauty Gurus)


      Lately I've been getting into the youtube beauty guru scene, and I've been noticing that their text has really sophisticated entrances and exits. for example, some "banners of text" look like they're being scribbled in, and then erased. Also, lines and swirls appear as if someone is drawing them in. How would you go about doing this?

      I have Adobe Premiere Elements 11 on a Toshiba laptop operating Windows 8.

      This is the video in particular that I was speaking about:



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is the Premiere Pro forum.

          A moderator will come along soon and move this thread to the correct forum.

          Meanwhile add the time the text appears in the video, so we dont have to watch all of it.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            As Ann has pointed out, you posted to the Premiere Pro Forum, but are using Premiere Elements. There is enough difference between those two progrmas, that I have Moved your post here, to the PrE Forum. Your link and any e-mail subscriptions should follow along.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What you are referring to is an "Animated Title," and PrE has several tools, and ways to accomplish many Title Animations.


              First, this article might be a good starting point, introducing you to Titler: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5712712#5712712


              Note that some of those links will take you to tutorials for Premiere Elements and some for Premiere Pro. Some of the mechanics differ, PrPro to PrE (a reason that I Moved the thread to the PrE Forum), but even those for PrPro can give you ideas for work in PrE, and ideas are a main component involved in such work.


              In PrE, there are several Title Animation Presets, that take the "hand-work" out of the mix a bit. However, it also offers the ability to pass over those, and create the animation that you have in mind, by Keyframing various Effects in PrE. The Keyframing (altering the Effect over time) can be done on many possible Effects, from the Fixed Effects, like Opacity, Motion>Position, etc., as well as many of the added Effects. The mechanics of the Keyframing are the same for each Effect, so learning how to Keyframe will translate to all Effects.


              I highly recommend Steve Grisetti's Basic Keyframing in Premiere Elements, Learning Series, available on Muvipix.com. Everything that you learn from that Learning Series, will translate perfectly, and be so useful, regardless of which Effect you need to Keyframe - every second spent learning, will pay dividends.


              Also, there are several other programs, like BluffTitler, and ProDAD's Heroglyph, that can do some amazing Title Animation - and also Adobe After Effects, but it is not an inexpensive program, and has a major learning curve. One can do most of the Title Animations, that they can dream up, in PrE.


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                Also, doing a study of those Titles, my best guess is that they were done in Adobe After Effects, though with some work, they could be done in PrE too.


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                PS - that example made me hungry for Korean Sweet Potato Pizza!