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    Indesign CC EPUB3


      Come mai la versione Indesign CC non permette più di esportare in formato Epub3 Fixed Layout come la versione 6? Cone si può fare? Esiste un plug-in o bisogna affidarsi a qualche altro software integrativo?


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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign CS6 and CC are not able to export directly to fixed layout ePubs. But both can export to reflowable text ePub3. InDesign CC is better at it than CS6.


          If you want to produce fixed layout ePubs from InDesign have a look at CircularFLO:



          (I have no connection with the company)



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            pastweb Level 1

            Ok Derek thank you very much. Now I look at Circular and hope it will solve my problem

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              pooja2087 Adobe Employee

              InDesign CS6 allowed EPUB 3 with layout export but this export choice was removed in InDesign CC. InDesign CC supports export only to reflowable EPUB.




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                Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                Hi Pastweb

                Let us know how you get on with CircularFLO.



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                  pastweb Level 1

                  Ok. I've downloaded the trial version of the file and I've installed it. It works well. I created a fixed layout epub and it's easier than using Aquafadas Digital Publishing System with Indesign 5.5. Pricing is almost the same.

                  My hope were make an Epub3 Fixed Layout directly with Indesign (as I suppose I can do with Indesign 6) and load on iTunes/Amazon: instead I have to buy another program/service.

                  If I have to buy Indesign cc and another program, I think is better use Indesign 5.5 I have and buy only a external program (as Acquafadas or Flipick). It's true that Creative Suite CC give me the possibility to make (free) a single digital edition but only for Apple devices, and it's not so fast for me…

                  Anyway Circular flo seems to be a very powerful tool.

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                    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                    Thanks - that's interesting and useful.


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                      Douglas Waterfall Level 1

                      I'm curious - say that InDesign CC could export EPUB3 Fixed Layout...would that be enough justification for you to upgrade to InDesign CC?


                      We've been putting a lot of work in reflowable EPUB export since CS 5.5 and very active development in CC.



                      http://helpx.adobe.com/content/dam/help/en/indesign/InDesign_EPUB_Changes_CC_9.0_to_9.2.pd f


                      What sort of document are you trying to export as Fixed Layout?


                      Douglas Waterfall

                      Architect, InDesign Engineering

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                        pastweb Level 1

                        Yes, it will be enough: I made books, pamphlets and magazines, the "normal" epub even if enhanced is not a good experience for readers, and I have to cut all graphic elements not anchored, make a text linked with all styles ecc. ecc. Instead with someting like the command "export to pdf" but for the fixed layout I could make it very simply and use the file for my boys (of the school) for ipad, kindle, android ecc.

                        Only when I have to do something of "very important" I can think to use the DIgital Publishing Suite for an app for iPad (for free with CC), but not for the other platform (kindle, adnroid) because is too much expensive.

                        A teacher of a school can't spend too much time to become an art director and learn all program: we are looking for someting that create itself what we need (i.e. aquafadas, circular…) but for free (included in the cost of the upgraded program)