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    Air and cs5 and template

    Jhon Carlo Level 1



      I'm trying to develop applications for Android.

      1) I have the version of Flash included in Cs5 with solme litle examples of air, I need to download something else or air is already full?

      2) there are some examples, on the web, of applications free to download from the net? I'm interested in examples with particular reference to the use of sound.


      Thank you!

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          CS5.5 comes with the AIR for Android target. For CS5, you'll need the extension to export to AIR. Here's a quick 'hello world' Adobe help article on setting yourself up to develop in CS5 for Android:



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            Jhon Carlo Level 1

            thanks you sinious for the reply!!!


            I had already seen that tuttorial but meant as a template

            something more exaustive, for exemple: how to play a sound, or stop it, with touch and so on.

            I must say that doubts are raised because even though I've already done all the steps provided in the example shown, I often get the following error message (I translate from my language):


            An error occurred while creating the file


            The Air version set in the Publish Settings of the SWF file

            the initial content is next to those allowed for the namespace of the descriptor.



            What does it mean?

            Thank you again.

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              The namespace error is almost always the version of AIR that the apps XML indicates is wrong. The second line in your apps XML file is:


              <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/4.0">

              I use AIR SDK 4.0 downloaded from here:



              If I changed that number to anything other than the same version of the SDK I'm using then I will get that error. Chances are you might be using an old template that points to the wrong SDK version.


              If you don't have 4.0, you should download it from the link above and use it.


              As for tutorials on creating mobile apps in general with AIR, there are tons of resources out here. You can start the basics here:




              And some videos:




              Ultimately other external resources like lynda.com can really help you.


              If you have any specific questions, feel free to post those.


              If you want to get serious about development you'll want to consider Flash Builder as a coder. It's an eclipse-based product that is much more developer-oriented. You can build pure ActionScript apps or you can tap into Apache (formerly Adobe) Flex, which is an entirely different component-based way to build apps. Flash Pro and Flash Builder can work together nicely to build a quality app. Building entirely in Flash Pro is possible however.


              You can also try to FDT plugin and use eclipse for an alternate to Flash Builder.

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                Jhon Carlo Level 1

                Thanks again for the help!!!


                I downloaded the package and I have installed the version 4 (replacing the old (2.6) with the new directory 4.0 under the path of flash, because there was no installer).

                It seams getting better, so I can create the .Apk file,

                but I get this message:


                The APK has been crated properly but it was a warning.

                NOTE: The application package with captive runtime Has Been


                Thank you again for your help and other link!!

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                  Jhon Carlo Level 1

                  ... the use of touch for play a sound  is more simple that I thought: is the same of the click ...

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                    sinious Most Valuable Participant

                    A captive runtime is when the AIR runtime is included inside the APK. AIR is on the Google Play store and you can choose (with the 'adt' command line or a newer version of Flash/Builder) if the captive runtime is embedded in your app or not. It adds roughly 12~15MB to the file size but assures your app uses the version of AIR you want (4.0 in this case).


                    Yep, the power in using Flash/Builder to author is most things you create are similar to just using Flash, and they just work, with the power of using a single code base for multiple targets (desktop, web, Android, iOS, etc).


                    Glad you're up and running and you're welcome!