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    camera raw truncates file names


      This is a recent thing.


      I open jpg images from bridge cs6 into camera raw and save new versions from camera raw into a new folder.


      Our incoming file names contain important data but not all of the name is written when I save jpg from camera raw.

      file name length seems to max out at 60 characters or so.




      Our folder names are long also but the combined path + filename length  rarely exceed 230 characters.


      Our file naming system has worked for some years and photoshop does not truncate file names, only this latest camera raw.


      This is on win 7  64 bit pro machine - our filenames do not need to be compatible with anything else whatever.


      example of our file/folder naming lenghts on my win machine:


      C:\AAliikkeet\02 xxxx oierjksinth\112255_ehhsyag somajrysen fgetrakunnan paievjerho_CO_10022014_til.73673\vlc\nietalahtn, naurvkustunr_bbseh syplamaiden syrdknhhar prifakehfo_IMG2722korjattu_cpy004_5000_02.jpg


      the real names have been replaced with strings of corrensponding length so this long baby represents a long(ish) folder+filename combo in our systems.


      This is a major new problem.


      Any help appreciated - even the good old "use shorter file names, idiot" but that is not an option for me.


      We are working in an industrial environment and systems  - including file naming have been working OK for some years and I cannot change our systems just to please my latest camera raw.