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    My flashplayer has suddenly stopped working, help!


      Hey guys, I am having the same problem with my Flash player!  2 days  ago, I was playing Candy crush on FB and everything was fine!  Last  night I logged in and tried to play and it said I needed to upgrade my  Flash Player!  I looked in my control panel (add/remove programs) and  Adobe Flash player 12 active X is listed and well as the plugin and they  are both enabled in IE and FireFox!  Went to Adobe.com to try to  re-install and as I click on Install now, it just takes me to the  Adobe.com homepage!  I am running Windows XP.  I have, of course,  noticed I can not watch alot of my videos, etc.  I did the Adobe Flash  player CHECK  and it says that it is not installed at all....   I of  course, did nothing to the computer, ie.. install new programs or delete  or anything of the sort, it is just so weird, it just stopped running  all together!  Help Please!!!