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    Flash and Tomcat/Axis2

      Hey People,

      I am currently designing a menu for a website which will be populated depending on your location (different affiliates will have different menus).

      Everything is being backended by Java. In this java code, I have hibernate set up to populate an "Affiliate" Object which I want to pass to Flash so it can fill up the menu information. I want to use a webservice to do this, which is currently being made for me. For the time being, I am just trying to connect to a webservice which was deployed for me when I deployed "Axis2" the jakarta project for web services. All I am trying to do is call this simple webservice. I can connect with my code, but I have a trace for onFault(), which always seems to happen. I have found this webservice at another spot online, and I get the same problem. I can, however, connect to webservices anywhere else online, although I think they have all been .asp based, where mine is Java based.

      My question is does anyone know why I cannot get this to work? Are there incompatibility issues between Axis2/Tomcat and flash?

      Also, I am getting a "Error opening URL " http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/version" " message when I test my movie... I can access this WDSL from both my browser and a web services analyzer.