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    Support of Sony HDR CJ380


      Hi there

      I had an old sony camcorder that I loved that I bought around 2001 & it worked like a dream with PE 2 and then then PE 4.

      I recently have bought the Sony HDR CJ380. This does not seem to work with Pr Elements 4. It gives a "file format not supported error" and does not see the camcorder.

      I can easily connect the new Sony to our HD TV and play back what I have recorded but I would like to edit things a bit.


      1) Am I correct that PE 4 doesn't support my new camcorder?

      2) Does PE 12 support it? I had a look on the list of supported camcorders & it is not mentioned.


      The file type is m2ts


      Thanks for any help.


      Ashley (KZN Midlands, SA)