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    Strange Bug in Flex 2.01

    M. Huisman Level 1

      In my application i'm doing a webservice call to my SAP system, when I get the response there is no problem however, somehow Flex turns it in to an array (there's nothing wrong with that), but then creates a second array in the third row of the array containing the data which should be the same as te first row.

      so the xml it's returning is like this:

      <-- snip -->

      <-- end snip -->

      But then flex turns it in to:
      [0] 1000
      [1] 2000
      [2] 123456789BLA
      [3] Array:
      --[0] 2000
      --[1] 3000
      --[2] 987654321BLA

      Somehow I find this strange..

      Any solutions?
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          Hello, I get similar errors from result's parsing.
          Weird enough, when using a webservice with an array of objects as a response, it's ok. It even uses data memebers instead of array indexes (e.g OPMERKINGEN[0].VAN is generated in the objectproxy)

          But when the response is a data structure with one member that is an array of objects, it messes everything up:(
          I hope we're not the only two to notice this problem:)
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            I've noticed this too, here is what I do for a fix:

            try {
            docketEvents = event.currentTarget.lastResult[0].docket.event;
            }catch(e:Error) {
            docketEvents = new ArrayCollection();