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    SerialElement, mix video and live.

    TimPalander Level 1

      Is it supposed to be possible to mix a livestream and a vod source? Right now i'm using SerialElement to display a video (pre-roll) before a livestream. The SerialElement gets 2 F4MElement's, the first one is a video, the second one is a livestream. It does work, except that the livestream seems to get a fixed duration from a DurationChange event (most often around 45s), and after that duration i get a PlayEvent.PLAY_STATE_CHANGE (stopped), and the livestream stops playing.


      When using the livestream source in a F4MElement directly, without a SerialElement, i also receive a DurationChange event (for about 45s as well), but i never get the stop event so the livestream keeps playing as i intend it to do.

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          TimPalander Level 1

          I've tried to find workarounds for this and ran in to another problem. I did some conditional checks and instantly called play again after i get the unwanted stop event on a livestream. Then, the MediaPlayer's currentTime gets stuck on the duration where the stop event fired, which is also exactly the same time as the DurationChange event reported. The stream continues to play because i called play, but the time doesn't change.


          Edit: For now i worked around it and created my own playlist logics, not using SerialElement, when a livestream is involved.