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    PRE 12 " device error"



      Iam want to burn a Bluray. The PRE12 comes by 98% with a message "Device error" and break up the process??

      Sorry my english is not so god

      Have anybody an idea?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          However, as this is Forum Comments Forum, used for discussing the Adobe Forums, themselves, I will Move your thread to the Premiere Elements Forum, where you will get quick help. Your link, and any e-mail subscriptions will follow you.


          Also, please add this OS version you are running PrE 12 on. That could be important.


          Good luck,




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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Now that we have your post in the PrE Forum, I have two questions:


            1. What is the OS version that you are running PrE 12 on? (mentioned above)
            2. Do you recall exactly how you got into the Forums Comment Forum, to post? The reason that I ask this, is that we have been seeing a lot of posts to that forum, when they should be in the various product forums, and we are trying to figure out how this is happening with such frequency. We see it quite often, where the OP (Original Poster) is not a native English speaker. If you can recall how you found that forum (any links that you followed, etc..), that might help us track down a poor link, or other issue. This has zero impact on solving your PrE 12 error message problem, but would greatly help us find out how so many people end up in the wrong forum.


            Thank you, and good luck,



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              From the Premiere Elements Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1042180

              •What operating system? This should include specific minor version numbers, like "Mac OSX v10.6.8"---not just "Mac".

              •Have you installed any recent program or OS updates? (If not, you should. They fix a lot of problems.)

              •What kind(s) of image file(s)? When talking about camera raw files, include the model of camera.

              •If you are getting error message(s), what is the full text of the error message(s)?

              •What were you doing when the problem occurred?

              •What other software are you running?

              •Tell us about your computer hardware. How much RAM is installed?  How much free space is on your system (C:) drive?

              •Has this ever worked before?  If so, do you recall any changes you made to Premiere Elements, such as adding Plug-ins, brushes, etc.?  Did you make any changes to your system, such as updating hardware, printers or drivers; or installing/uninstalling any programs?

              And some other questions...

              •What are you editing, and does your video have a red line over it BEFORE you do any work?

              •Have you viewed the tutorial links at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 page?

              •Which version of Quicktime do you have installed?

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                Manfred,Schulz Level 1

                Thank You Bill Hunt for the very quick answers

                I try somethings about the updates from mac


                Manfred Schulz


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                  Manfred,Schulz Level 1

                  Thank youMr. John Smith for the quickly answers and Helpthemes about my problem

                  i try everything about the updates from my mac


                  Manfred Schulz


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Thanks for the Reply.


                    As it appears that you are replying via an e-mail client, and it's doing a complete quotation of the post that you are replying to, I will clean up that excessive quotation, to make the thread easier for others to follow.


                    Good luck,