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    beat markers and time line markers


      I am new to PReELE12. I have read some of the discssion on beat markers and time line markers and they don't address my question. I have manually set beat markers to my 'soundtrack' and now am trying to set clips to each beat mark. When I try this, my sound track shifts and messes up the whole sequence. So I guess I need to disable the soundtrack or something? Is there a way to set a clip 'in' point to the beat mark automatically?

      Also, on timeline markers, I thought one time I stumbled onto a menu that allowed me to give a name to the marker, then when I wanted to move to a specifically named clip, I cursored thru the named clips (like in a list file), clicked on the one I wanted, and got there. Now I can't find out where that menu is. Maybe my imagination? I guess I see naming as a more useful tool than numbers to move to a specifc point in timeline. Still learning...

      Thanks for great help...


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Try holding down the Ctrl key as you add clips above your soundtrack. That should keep the soundtrack from rippling and splitting.

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            PCNoviceMesa Level 1

            OK. Yes...in fact I recall looking at muvipix forum and I believe you or someone else mentioned this trick. I can’t get back to editing before forgetting the instructions I read minutes ago! Thanks again for reply and help! a steep learning curve but I may get there...

            Bob in CO

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Did the hold down of the Ctrl or Alt key as you added your clips to the Timeline help to keep the soundtrack intact during these additions?

              There you were using manually placed Beat Markers.


              Are you aware of that you could select the soundtrack music and go to Clip Menu/Detect Beats to set Beat Markers with more control and flexibility across the whole music clip?


              Are you good at detecting  beats in music yourself? I am not. But, if you are, you might explore and experiment with the following "before or instead of Beat Marker" approach.


              1. Soundtrack music in place. Add unnumbered markers at the beats that you hear as you play back the soundtrack.

              Markers/TimeLine Marker/Set Timeline Marker/Unnumbered.


              2. Open Project Assets, hold the Ctrl key as you click on the photos in the order that you want them to appear on the Timeline. Now you have them all selected. Right click anywhere in the selection, and select Create Slideshow.


              3. The Create Slideshow dialog will open. Make sure that you have a check mark next to "Place Images/Clips at Unnumbered Markers".

              Click OK. For Ordering: in that dialog, set that to Selection Order.


              4. Click OK to the Create Slideshow dialog. Photos will be placed as per your Create Slideshow directive of "Place Images/Clips at Unnumbered Markers". If necessary, use the mouse cursor to drag on the clip edge to make it fit into space between markers.


              A just in case you might be interested idea.