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    In CC, I want to zoom in like I used to in CS3. How?

    Rhubarb Pie Level 1

      I recently upgraded from Photoshop CS3 to Creative Cloud on my Mac.

      One of the keyboard shortcuts I used all the time in CS3 was command-spacebar to zoom in; I would click somewhere on my image and drag a rectangle outward from that point to define the area that I wanted to zoom in on.


      It doesn't work that way for me in CC, and I really want it to! In CC, when I use command-spacebar to zoom in, I can no longer "draw" a rectangle. I can click and drag the cursor to zoom in on the area where I click, but it is nowhere near as precise as the rectangle.


      Does anyone know if there's a way to drag a rectangle to define the area I want to zoom in on, as I used to be able to do?

      Thank you.