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    Arranging Projects in Captivate 5.5

    Ranger Funguy

      Greetings, I've been trying for three days to figure out how I can arrange "Projects" in Captivate 5.5. I can't seem to open a Project and place it behind or in front or anywhere in Captivate. It seems as if you should be able to drag-n-drop a Project into the Filmstrip or the Timeline. Can't seem to do either. Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you

      Ranger Funguy

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The interface in Captivate is a so-called Tabbed Interface, if you open multiple projects in the same Captivate window:


          In this screenshot you see that I have two projects open: those tabs are visible top left of the stage. The first project (1SlideExample' is active, to make the other project visible I have to click on the second tab.


          You cannot have subprojects in a project, copy/paste the slides to the main project. Then you can select the slides of that 'subproject' and group them with the right click menu option Group, Create or the shortcut key CTRL-ALT-G. You can label a group, collapse and expand it.


          One tip: don't worry 3 days before coming to the forum.