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    Already have a GIF file,put it in Edge Animate and make into an embedded web file on my site? how?


      Hi there,

      Im new to this particular programme. I use PS, Illustrator, AE and PP quite a lot,

      However i have never used Adobe Animate and have tried for the last few days using online videos etc..


      Here is my issue...


      I have a GIF already. When i put it on my Wordpress site it only plays once and doesnt carry on...

      I need to animate it into an embedded file i think? HTML.. etc


      I have the GIF file. i also have the frames from the Gif as JPEGS...

      I dont know how to simply import the gif or jpegs and render off as a html web video...


      Please help me?

      I know this is vague and my undertsanding of this particular programme is not great but i use other adobe products daily and feel i just need a bit of help to get me going..


      Many Thanks