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    No plug-in specified error when signing document


      I keep getting the following error when trying to sign a document in Acrobat Pro 10.1.1:


      "No plug-in has been specified and not allowed to bring up user interface for selection."




      1. I click a document signature field
      2. Sign Document window appears
      3. I select a reason in the Reason drop down
      4. I click Sign
      5. Error pops up



      My current Security settings:


      I'm using an imported .jpg for the Signature Appearance.  Other than that, see pics below.








      Current Setup:



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          IsakTen Level 4

          A signature field may have associated so-called "seed values" that specify certain signature properties and restrictions. The document's author can associate "seed values" with an unsigned signature field. One of the "seed values" specifies which external signature plug-in must be used to sign this signature field. If you do not have the required plug-in in the Acrobat installation then you cannot sign this signature field. This is the most likely reason that you get this error message. In some environments this is done to restrict the signing to only signing credentials that reside on hardware modules or signing pads. There might be other reason why the document's author chose to put in this restriction.

          Contact the author of the document you are trying to sign and find out whether this is the case and if it is then which plug-in you need and where you get it from.