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    Publishing widget


      Hi everyone,


      I'm brand new to Adobe Edge and am not much of a coder


      I'm trying to publish something in a widget format. I want to have a couple of links within the widget, that when opened, open up in a new browser window.  As is, they open up within the widget screen. 


      Can anyone help?





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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          If I read your question properly, there is no coding involved in this case.


          I do not know how you have the 'click' handler established to open the widget screen!

          At any rate you may have something similar to this


                     window.open(http://www.adobe.com, "_self");


          The above line has two parameters, a uri and a target.

          The uri is self-explanatory as it is the url of the page you want to visit.

          The target window, as noted above, targets the current window location "_self".

          So to send the target to another window other than the one the click originates from, then change that parameter to "_blank".


          In other words it now should look like this


                   window.open(http://www.adobe.com, "_blank");




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