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    Upgrading project with conditional build tags


      Hi all -


      I've inherited a Webhelp project with conditional build tags that was written in an earlier verison of RoboHelp.  I've taken the following steps to upgrade it to RoboHelp v9:


      Made a copy

      Launched RoboHelp v9 and selected the project file

      Clicked the Upgrade button when prompted


      RoboHelp confirms that the upgrade has been successfully completed, but none of the files are created in the project.  The only things created are the conditional build tags. 


      I'm working on a Dell Latitude with Windows 7 installed.  The project files are on a personal network drive. 


      Has anyone done a similar kind of upgrade and had success?  i imagine my inexperience with this is the probllem, so any advice would be much appreciated.