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    Text Disappearing and limited Undos in InDesign CC


      I recently upgraded to Creative Cloud. I have a iMac Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 I upgraded the OS to 10.9.1 a couple of months ago in preparation. In the InDesign 9.2 CC. My text randomly disappears while I am working on it. I have to click off it then click back where I think it is and send to the front to get it back. Sometimes just zooming in and out will bring it back or other various things. It is not actually deleting the text just the view of it, but I can't work on it if I can't see it. It is really annoying and cutting into my productivity. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, I am unable to do more than 1 or 2 undos where as in CS 5 I could do multiple undos. Is that normal for CC? Is there somewhere you can set the number of undos? I could not find anything under preferences. This is also a problem as I am used to being able to go back a few steps when I change my mind on something.


      Any help on either issue would be appreciated.



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