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    Director 12 iOS app question


      So, I'll try to keep this short but clarify as best I can:


      I work for a school district IT department. We currently have a teacher who has been developing and updating Director tutorials back to the Director 4 days. This summer he is doing a major updating effort to update his tutorials using Director 12 (He last did this effort to bring Director 10 compatibility.)


      He also wants to consider republishing them for iOS compatbility.


      Putting aside the intellectual property issues of who owns the application code (that may end up in lawyers' hands), what does it take to get final apps working on an iOS 7 iPad?


      Is it possible that we may choose to not publish to the App Store and use an in-house Apple provisioning profile through the Apple Enterprise Developer Connection membership and side load these finished tutorials on iPads? Do we have to publish to the App Store? If we do a free app in the Store, do we have to give Adobe a payment? Paid app?


      Putting aside those type of issues, how hard is it for most folks to recompile such apps for iOS? Any pitfalls?


      I'll be honest, I'm confused and would like some guidance from other folks who have actually done this.

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          Milky_au Level 3

          "what does it take to get final apps working on an iOS 7 iPad"


          Well most of the school made tutorials that i've seen over years, didn't really have too much code, so it may not take much at all to get it working - it might even work straight away.


          There's always some work required - but the pay off will be worth the effort.


          Problems to look out for :-


          can't use 3rd party xtras,

          can't use embedded fonts,

          can't have easy keyboard entry (you'll need to redesign everything for touch),

          scroll text fields need a bit of reworking,

          11khz sounds files need to be set higher,

          some 8 bit graphics bomb out,

          there are some lingo commands that just seem to bomb out the app (work around these with other lingo commands!)

          embedded Flash objects need a little bit of work to get them working right,

          videos need to be in swf format.


          If you're only running them on (in school) iPads - i'd say go with the side loading option.

          best not to bother with the app store - if you can.

          There are a few other enterprise options that might also suit.

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            CodeJingle Level 1

            Adobe doesn't require a cut of profits anymore, and Apple takes 30% per sale so if your app is free 30% of zero is zero.  So if you did publish to the external app store you would only pay the yearly Apple developer fee which is $99, and the recurring cost of Director 12 if you doing the $20/month subscription.  Your best apps you would probably want to publish externally to help others.