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    Liquify returns: "After Effects error: Reconstruction mode (516) (25::56)


      My config:

      AE CC 12.0.52

      OS: Windows 7 running on bootcamp on a Mac Pro 4,1 (early 2009) with 48GB of ram

      GPU: Nvidia GFX 680 4GB with 332.21 Driver


      Working in FULL HD, comp has different layers using multiple Liquify Effects (animated with keyframes).

      Doing a RAM preview seems to work just fine, it renders out the comp with the liquify effects


      But now when I try to modify one of the liquify effect in my comp, it returns the error mentioned in subject.    

      I tried to set the working resolution to half and I still get the error.

      With resolution set to quarter, I don't get any error, but it's pretty unusable.


      Do you have any suggestion?