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    necessary files for edge upload

    ahurani Level 1

      My question is one of frustrated curiosity. No matter how closely I follow the Edge tutorials and arrange my files, I am having difficulty getting an Edge animation to play in a browser. I can get the thing to play, but I have to upload everything. Everything. For example:


      I created several png files, saved them in the root folder, and then imported the images into Edge. Edge, being ever so helpful and all, created an images folder and duplicated my images there. I made sure that all the images I used in the animation were linked from that Edge-created images folder. Everything worked well in Edge. I published and copied the code from the animation_preload.js file to Dreamweaver page. (This is going to a client and being placed in a relatively-positioned div called "holder". They are using a template and already have a div called Stage that would conflict. Because they don't know computers, I really don't want to confuse them.)


      When I uploaded the publish folder and index file to a server, blip, nothing played. I tried uploading the js files at the root level, even though they appear in the images folder. No luck. I tried several different guesses, including going into the animation.html file and inserting code saying "src="/publish/web/animation_edgePreload.js" (didn't work, I took it out). The only way I could get the animation to play was to upload all my png files that I had originally loaded at the root level. I then discovered that the poster image I had lovingly created did not show (although the preloader did).


      So what is the use of the images folder? What is the use of publishing the files (under web)? What do I need to do in order to keep the number of folders and files to an absolute minimum instead of including all the root level js files and images (all 26 of them). Is there any way to just use the publish folder and the index file? I want to use Edge for more clients, but until I get this worked out, I'm staying mum on the possibility.


      And help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Ahurani.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          "published and copied the code from the animation_preload.js file to Dreamweaver page"


          Why did you this? Unless I misunderstand what you are trying to say here. Please calrify.


          Also since you are using Dreamweaver there is an Insert option that is much easier than the maual method you are attempting.

          Example workflow: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-dreamweaver-cc/inserting-an-edge-animate-project-info-drea mweaver-dc/


          For what its worth, I never place/store anything in the project folder that is unnecessary. The Edge Animate import options (images for example) will COPY from any selected location on your harddrive to the appropriate asset location (/images folder in this case). Its a personal preference and saves on confusion and having to pick and choose items whenever I upload to a remote location.



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            ahurani Level 1





            Thank you for answering. I'm sorry that my question was confusing.




            You're right, the Dreamweaver insert option is much easier, but when I use it the only file option I have is an oam file. The tutorials I followed on Lynda.com mentioned (briefly) that oam files will not play when uploaded to a web server. Has this changed since the tutorial was made in 2012? Although I can get it to play using Chrome, I really don't want the client to receive an animation that won't play.




            I used the manual method (despite the problems) because when I create only an animation for my clients they rarely have Dreamweaver, don't have the insert option, and use a template services. They want to be able to put the animation into an already-named div. I can send them the entire code if that will work instead for the oam. Is there any way to load the oam file without the insert option? I couldn't find one.




            The whole problem no doubt stems from my not understanding and lack of experience with the whole setup process. Even though I followed the Edge tutorial closely there were some gaps in how to prepare the file for upload to a web page. I'm coming from a Flash background and this is only my second animation with Edge (had the same problems with the first).




            Also, even though I checked the Google Chrome Frame for IE 6, 7, and 8 (overlay prompt) button when using the web option, that did not work when tested in IE8 (man I wish 6, 7, and 8 would disappear). Should I see some form of the animation or will I only see the preloader? In IE8 I never see the Poster image in either web or oam even when it is located with the other images.




            I can recreate the animation again but this time not place any image in the project folder but instead just copy it as you suggested. If that would help the oam file to play, I don't mind doing that. If it would mean I didn't have to upload image files outside the image folder, that would be great too.




            I know this is asking for a lot of information, so if you know of some really great tutorials on all the intricacies of setting up an Edge file and saving it for the web, I would welcome those. I'd love to include animation again in my services, so I want to use Edge to its fullest potential.




            Thank you.



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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              You mention a tutorial reference that said oam may not work - that was possibly when/ at a time when the Insert option was not integrated into Dw.


              It should work today - at this moment. I realize that you are working with a client site, so to avoid a disaster of any sort, I recommend do a test file. Create your .oam file from Edge Animate.


              Open Dw, and use one of the sample pre-made html5 templates.


              Place the cursor where you want the composition to appear, then Dw > Insert > Media > Edge Animation.


              It should work.


              Then follow the same process on a duplicate (backup) page of your clients, just to make sure it is functional.



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                ahurani Level 1





                Thank you for your answer. I'm glad to hear oam will work now! That makes everything much easier.




                Yes, I want to avoid disaster, so will test that baby until it squeaks.