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    Bought a Quadro K2000 Video Card, After Effects CC Won't detect it?


      I recently bought a Quadro K2000 for some simple 1080p video editing and rendering. Now there comes the problem, It seems like After Effects is not detecting the card, CUDA is enabled and the card is supported in the list. I have tried many solutions but unfortunately I still have this problem. Also with rendering a video my CPU still takes all the load instead of the GPU, therefore it goes really slow, 5 minute render takes up to 2+ hours. I bought this video card so my render also got quicker but it seems like After Effects just won't use the GPU for rendering. I have Ray tracing 3D rendering on.


      Can someone please explain to me why my Quadro K2000 is not used for rendering the videos but instead it still uses my CPU. I hope the $500 was no waste of money for this card.



      Thanks in advance,