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    Creative cloud + Bonjour = no internet?


      I have a very strange issue at hand. We installed Creative Cloud on machines and everything works fine in my office. However, when I hook up the same computer in a different office, the default gateway is set to I know with the old cs3/4 that disabling Bonjour would solve the problem. What confuses me is why everything would work fine in one office, won't work in another. Now, I have tried disabling Bonjour while in the different office, restart, and BAM, internet works fine. But I was told Bonjour is used for licensing Adobe products (even though most current google results point to it being an Apple product) and that it has to stay on. Is that true? So why would it work fine in my office with Bonjour enabled? I'm at a lost here and sorry if my post was confusing.

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          Bonjour is not used by any Adobe product, at least I'm not aware of it. The rest is by all means between you and your IT department - unless you were to provide detailed network info and other stuff, there is no way to explain. A default gateway of merely means DHCP and dynamic DNS, anyway.