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    Saved workspaces never work

    ColbyFulton Level 1

      I have a thunderbolt display monitor at work and at home that I plug my MacPro Retina into. Photoshop and After Effects never seem to be able to put my windows and palettes in the right place when I start them up. The layers palette for example is often off the screen. Why is it so hard for the program to know where my monitor positions are? I have to keep saving Work 1, Work 2, Work 3 etc.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          What exactly are you doing?  You arrange your panels, and go New Workspaceand save it with a suitable name?  You can still mess up a workspace, but if you select a workspace, and reset it, it should go back to how you arranged it.


          It might be that your Preferences are not saving, which is something we see here sometimes.  I can't help with that because I am not a Mac person.

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            ColbyFulton Level 1

            I'm plugging my laptop into my monitor at work, and the workspace settings I saved the day before are not creating the same layout of windows and palettes. It's like Photoshop has no idea where the edge of the screens are. It seems as though because Adobe has no competition they have given up on trying to make their software work properly.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Photoshop's workspaces are a bit complex...  Not only can you set up a named workspace with panels, etc. laid out just the way you want, but then as you use Photoshop the workspace strives to remember your ongoing changes.  What some don't realize is that you can set it back to precisely the workspace you saved by choosing:


              Window - Workspace - Reset XXXXXX


              Where XXXXXX is your named workspace.


              If you reset your named workspace, does it bring back the saved positioning of your desktop elements?


              Also, I suspect there may be a Mac setting that's helping muddy things up, based on other posts, but I know little of the OSX specifics myself as I use a PC.  I have read here that others sometimes find reconfiguring System Preferences - Mission Control - Displays have separate spaces can be helpful.




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                ColbyFulton Level 1

                Ok I'll try that, thanks brah