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    Importing Powerpoint in to CP7 taking FOREVER

    LMS_90 Level 1

      Has anyone else noticed issues with importing powerpoint files in to Captivate?


      I am running cp7 and powerpoint 2013 on a windows 8.1 machine 64 bit.

      I have also tried to import into cp6 on the same machine and am running in to the same problem. I am using the start screen to import new project "from powerpoint"


      And by forever, I am talking HOURS to import a 12 slide presentation. After an hour or two I tend to lose patients an kill the task. I ahve tried rebotting, making sure nothing else i srunning, etc. Running the ppt and taking a cp recording of it is not an option.


      This used to take a while on my old pc, but I thought this brand new one would do a lot better and instead it is crazy worse.


      Thoughts? Help?