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    illustrator Spiral Shrinking/Growin text, scaling down/up on spiral path


      First of all thanks in advance for anyone who may assist, or make this even possible...... (please contanct me ADAM    razo.ad1985     --->G.mail)


      In dire need of expertise assistante. Years ago I DLded this script and got this working and older illustrator. NOW i have Illustrator CS6. I would love/like to TYpe text on a spiral path, then have the abitly for "user input(entering custom values)" as far as

      Font Start Size/Pt = 80

      Font End Size/Pt = 12


      Just a concept......(maybe someone can do this)


      desired spiral script.jpg



      Then have illustrator(script) perform action and make my spiral big(80pt) at beggning of text and end at small(12pt) there for looking as FONT/TEXT Gradually shrinks in size from beggining(80pt) unitl end of font/text(12pt)


         similar to this(end result after srcipt ran and values entered)

      spiralText Concept.jpg


      I know there is an older script out there..... but if someone can perhaps undate this and modernize it with prompt for user input/customization interaction

               ChangeSizesOfTextSelection.js  ----->    http://forums.adobe.com/thread/447657