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    I'm trying to download a couple of flash videos....


      I'm a big FIFA 14 player (worldwide soccer video game on XBox).  Every week, EA Sports releases a video called "Goals of the Week".  If you're still reading this, you're probably laughing, but for the sake of the conversation, let's just say this is a big honor to have a goal added to this weekly reel.  I recently scored an amazing, worthy goal and uploaded two different angles of the replay to my EA page.  I want to somehow extract both videos and make them into one, cool clip (plus the video quality is dark, so I want to enhance the quality if possible) before I turn them in for EA's review.


      Question:  how do I capture these video clips?  I am a creaetive cloud member....do I already have a tool which will capture my screen?  Or is there another way to capture these videos?  Here are the two clips:


      (for anyone who cares, this ball coudn't have rolled another quarter inch without crossing the line, secondly, to strike a volley this far out is extremely difficult...even with an empty net....)


      Clip 1

      Clip 2