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    having problems targeting a movieclip from within a loop

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      I am checking an array and need to set an indicator in a movieclip based on
      that value.

      The path to the movieclips(buttons) are:

      Here's what I have but it just fails to work:

      for (i=0; i < courseData.length; i++){
      // array position [3] is the bookmark location
      if (courseData [3] <= 0) {
      // show not started
      ["lesson" + i + "_btn"]indicator_mc.gotoAndStop("not viewed");
      } else if (courseData
      [3] > 0) {
      // show started
      ["lesson" + i + "_btn"]indicator_mc.gotoAndStop("viewed");

      The indicator_mc never goes to any labeled frames.

      I'm using the bracket notation instead of the older eval() method.

      Any help is GREATLY appreciated.