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    Tracing references in the Flex SDK


      I work with Flash Builder on a daily basis and I find great value in  "Find reference (Ctrl+Shift+G)" and "Open declaration (F3)". In Flex SDK 4.6.0 I was able to find references and open declarations not only in my own projects but also in the SDK files which I find valuable for various reasons. Using Apache Flex SDK 4.11.0 Flash Builder seems to have lost this ability: Open declaration works half the time and most often navigates to the wrong place in the file, and Find references does not work with SDK files at all. I have tried with both Flash Builder 4.6 and 4.7.

      By tracing references in the SDK I mean working with the files accompanying the compiled Flex SDK (ie. C:\sdk_location\framework\projects\project\src\).


      Any ideas how I can make Flash Builder help me browsing the SDK again?



      My project compiles with both

      Apache Flex SDK 4.11.0

      Flex SDK 4.6.0


      I can use Find references in my own project.

      I can use Find references in Flex SDK 4.6.0.

      I can't use Find references in Apache Flex SDK 4.11.0.