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    Disable P2P uplink for all not working


      In my work environment, we don't want Adobe to notify user when a new version of Flash Player is available, therefore we need to deselect "Notify Me When An Update Is Available" checkbox in Global Notifications Settings panel.
      We also need to select "Disable P2P uplink for all" checkbox in Peer-Assisted Networking panel.


      These settings are saved in %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\settings.sol file.
      For distribution, I just need to select correct settings, copy settings.sol file and have it in transform  file and copy it to same file location on user computer during installation.
      This deployment method are working fine for all previous version Flash Player (up to


      This method are not longer work for latest Flash Player "Notify Me When An Update Is Available" and "Disable P2P uplink for all" settings remain same when I copy the settings.sol file to %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys

      I changed the settings in Internet Explorer and closed it after done. Then, I re-open Internet Explorer and found that settings have been revert back to original settings.


      Is this some bug or error in Flash Player

      I'm on Windows7 and using IE 8.


      What are the different of these setting manager?

      1. http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager.html


      2. http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager.html

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          Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee

          Please check the flash player admin guide for disabling update notification.



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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            Hi tham,


            Those links for the Flash Player settings are depracated for newer versions of the player.  They were replaced with the newer Flash Player Settings Manager (in the Windows Control Panel or Mac System Preferences), however, the links are still active for old versions of the player.  You can set those settings via the mms.cfg file as noted in the Flash Player Administrator Guide Devendar links to.




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              Have you find the solution yet?


              @Devendar_kumar, @m_vargas:


              Could you say which option in the documentation mentioned is related to peer-assisted networking setting?


              The only option related to peer that I could find in guide for versions 13 and 14 is RTMFPP2PDisable.

              However it does not disable peer-assisted networking - setting RTMFPP2PDisable = 1 in mms.cfg leaves playback tab configurable and default option "ask when a site wants to use peer-assisted networking".


              Is there an option to set "Block all sites from using peer-assisted networking", and grey it out just like AVHardwareDisable = 1 greys out "Camera and Mic" tab?




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                maria__ Adobe Employee


                You can block sites from using peer-assisted networking in the Flash Player Control Panel.  Launch the Control Panel and select to view all Control Panel Items (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items).  Then launch the Flash Player item listed.  Navigate to the 3rd tab (Playback) and check the 'Block all sites from using peer-assisted networking' radio button, as follows:






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                  adobejd Level 1



                  Unfortunately changing the setting in control tab manually is not an option to me:

                  • It does not disable the option - end users still can change it back;
                  • I have to deploy it to hundreds of computers and peer-assisted networking is enabled by default, which means I would need to visit or remote each of them;
                  • In addition the setting in control panel is set per profile, so any new logged on user would still get the default enabled option.


                  mms.cfg configuration file would allow to deploy pre-set settings.




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                    Yes could you please make that setting to grey out peer assisted like it does AV?


                    AVHardwareDisable=1 works

                    RTMFPP2PDisable=1 does nothing