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    How do I build a single topic (and another wierd build issue)


      Is there an easy way to simply compile one topic for printed materials, or do I need to do a full compile with the separate files flag set to true?

      Another odd thing I'm seeing is that when I added a new topic to RoboHelp and compiled for WebHelp, the new topic showed up. I changed my primary layout to Printed Material and did a build - but the new topic did not appear in the PDF or DOC output. Is there something I need to do to get the new topic included?

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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Matt,

          when you generate that printed output, you have the option to include only a singe topics in the output - this is on the second window 'Print Document General - Printed Documentation'. Simply drag the topic to the Chapter Layout area. Is that what you are after?

          The second issue is related. You need to make sure that the new topic is included in the Chapter Layout area. When you create a new topic it is NOT automatically included in the printed output.

          Hope that helps more than a chocolate teapot