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    center responsive layouts in Edge

    Wolfram999 Level 1



      I would like to center a responsive layout, which I have done.


      With that code it works, but only when the width of my layout is fix:



      But I want a flexible width, (I am using stage width in % not in px) and then the

      code is not working anymore.


      I need this flexible width, because I am loading in a container which is positioned on the stage

      three different layouts with 320px, 600px and 1200px-width.


      yepnope ({

      load: "libs/EdgeCommons.js",

      callback: function (){


      [320, 600, 1200], sym, "adaptiveContainer"





      These layouts I have created in Symbols.

      is it possible to center these different layouts/symbols?


      Can anyoune help me with that?


      Many, many Thanx!!