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    Magenta - Black printing on a commercial laser printer?


      I have a Samsung CLP-680ND color laser printer. I am trying to print a Magenta-Black 100-page document, without using Cyan and Yellow toners. I have created a swatches palette using only variations of Black and Cyan (deleting every other color), but the printer counter shows that every time I print, the percentage of remaining toner in every one of the 3 colors, drops simultaneously (e.g. 58% on every color then 57% on every color and so on).


      color swatches.jpg

      The custom swatches palette - Magenta and Black only


      Printer toners


      The only full color images are on the first and last page of the document (but I have also tried to export and print only the two-color pages of the document in PDF format without any different result). Every other graphic is created in Illustrator and when inserted into Indesign I delete the swatch that may be inserted with the Illustrator file and replace it with the corresponding from the Indesign swatch panel. Even in separations check, every page of the document (except first and last) contains only Magenta and Black colors. However the printer uses all 3 colors (C-M-Y).



      Separations - All colors


      Separations - Cyan


      Separations - Magenta


      Separations - Yellow


      Separations - Black


      Is there a way to make the printer use only Magenta and Black toner, or laser printers don't work that way and have to process the page through every color drum? I haven't had that problem while I was working with an inkjet and it seems strange not to accomplish that with a laser printer. Also, the ink manager button in the print dialog box is grayed out and I haven't installed the Postscript drivers of the printer (if that is of any help...) - just the Windows drivers that I've downloaded from Samsung's site.


      ink manager.jpgThe ink-manager button


      I might as well create 4-color documents... Can someone help? Thank you in advance.