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    Getting UK e-mail alerts in France


      I live in France. I speak French but I don't want to have anything to do with technical matters in French. I receive e-mails telling me about e-seminars in French. Is there anything I can do to receive e-mail alerts from Adobe UK? Do I have to - can I - create a doppelganger account in the UK to do this?


      As an alternative to that I tried looking for UK e-seminars by doing a search on the Adobe site. I tried searching for photoshop cc seminar 2014 UK and that got me absolutely nowhere! Evidently a Google-type search isn't possible because putting + prefixes whittled the thousands of items found to none. There must be a place where I can find a chronological list of UK e-seminars... or is there?


      Is this a plot by Adobe to get me to move back to the UK?

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          Luis Rebelo Level 3

          I remember in the old Macromedia days, you could change the language in which you received the product related communications, but I guess you can no longer change that.


          I don't know of any lists, but you have an official Adobe UK blog, at http://blogs.adobe.com/uk/.


          Hope that that is useful.

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            allen-c Level 1

            Thanks, but the language of the e-mails is not the problem it's just that they tell me about e-seminars in French - my PS is in English and translating click this and click that from French into English is just a pain!


            I've been here before about language matters and Adobe is aware (apparently) that they've got the language thing wrong (Adobe deduces your language preferences from the country you live in instead of asking you), As it stands you can choose your language when  you connect to the Adobe site but that changes other things as well - if I change to English and then decide to buy something Adobe assumes you're living in the country where the language you've chosen to use is spoken - £ rather than € in my case. Or something like that. I suppose this is more of the same and I'll just have to be (extremely) patient. They've also got it wrong in LR (all to do with those languages that have diacritical things added to letters - accents they're called in French), but unfortunately they don't seem keen to do anything about that, and that is, I think, more important.


            Your CreateEvent link might be ok if there is the equivalent in Adobe UK (Pacific time not something I understand and probably translates to bedtime). I'll investigate. However the advantage of receiving e-mails over logging into Adobe to see what's new is such that any resolution I would have to do that would wane, I fear, very quickly!


            Thanks for the brain cycles you've dedicated to my question!