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    How to create a "<canvas>" tag?

    Mücahit Çakır

      Hi everyone.

      Today I came across with a visualization library named as processing.js. As far as i learn, to use this library we have to create a tag like "<canvas id="processing-canvas"> </canvas>"

      Now, i wonder that; how can i create this element in Adobe Edge? I'm sure its possible, but how? If you help me, i'll be glad. Also if somebody can show me how to do a little demo with processing.js in Adobe Edge, i will be very pleasured!


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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          I am not very sure how the processingJS library works ,but you can insert a canvas tag into Edge Animate content through the append Jquery api i.e

          1)Create a rectangle element on stage

          2)IN the 'creation complete ' event of the stage add the code

          sym.$("Rectangle").append('<canvas id="processing-canvas"> </canvas>');


          This will insert canvas element into animate.


          You can import processing js library in edge ainmite using the new 'script loading' feature in EA3.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=888bbVsIlas


          Hope this helps you!

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