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    UL Changes Fluid Div Width at Runtime


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm learning how to build a site with the fluid grids. I have a small 3 page site I created as a test. I'm experiencing a strange problem. There are 3 pages in the site; Index, Responsibilities and The Guideline. Responsibilities and Guideline were created by doing a Save As... from the Index. All pages use the same CSS and Boilerplate.


      What I'm noticing is about a 1 pixel shift between the Index page and the other pages. It seems to be caused by the UL at the end of the Index. I can't figure out how to fix it. I've deleted the UL, rebuilt the entire page from scratch, run it through W3C verification. I've tried editing in code view and design view. Nothing works.


      When I test the site in Safari, what I notice is that the total width of the displayed page changes. So the Index page is always displayed a few pixels wider than the other 2 pages. If I delete the UL, all sizes become consistent. No other ULs in the site are causing this problem.


      Does anyone have thoughts on why this might be happening?