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    Help with weird effect on XF300




      We've recently purchsed two XF300's and when we edit the footage from them using Premiere Elements 9, we're getting a weird effect with the finished product.  We're not getting these problems when we use the clips in Sony Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro,  just Elements.  Here's an example of what it's doing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eNIjYFUGBk&feature=youtu.be  It's most noticable when he moves his hand and when the lady tilts her head.  It's also much worse when we broadcast it.


      Here's some quick facts to help:

      We're using them on their highest setting:  1920x1080, 50 mbps, 60i

      We're using aunsoft transMXF to convert the .mxf files to something we can use to edit in Elements (anything we choose still does it)

      When we start a new project in Elements, we put the project settings SD and manipulate the frame size to fit a SD screen.  We would rather not have to do this, but there's no way in Elements 9 that we're aware of to edit the project using HD settings, then export it in 4:3 SD.


      We're pretty aware that the problem is coming from either the .mxf to (whatever we use) converting, or the setting in the Elements 9 project.  We've converted the .mxf clips to just about every option and it still does it.


      Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.


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          nealeh Level 5

          You should be setting up your project to match the clip. So what are the parameters of the file you converted the 1920x1080 to? This is what you then need to match the project setting to. Downsizing and 4:3 scaling is then done during the editing / export stages in the PRE workflow.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What is your end product from conversion that is going into Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1?

            Video Compression

            Audio Compression

            Frame Size

            Frame Rate

            Interlaced or Progressive

            File Extension

            Pixel Aspect Ratio


            If this is it We're using them on their highest setting:  1920x1080, 50 mbps, 60i

            Then your project preset should not be "SD".

            Your project preset should match the properties of your source media so that the program is directed to establish the correct space in the Edit area monitor for editing purposes. Your project preset would be:



            Full HD 1080i30

            (that 60i represents 60 fields per second with is the counterpart of 29.97/30 interlaced frames per second.


            Now what are the details of your export choices: Share/Computer/ then what and then what under the Advanced Button/Video Tab and Audio Tab of the preset selected? What are you doing with the video bitrate(s)? Are you customizing the export settings?


            I am not picking up on the issue that you wanted to demo in your video. Could you elaborate on that?





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I did not see nealeh's post until after I had posted mine.


              My comments still hold as written.



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                thejpizzel Level 1

                Thanks for the help.  We have tried converting the .mxf files from the camera to various other file types, all with the same problems.  But for the sake of troubleshooting, we'll use MPEG2 hd.  We keep all the other same setting for the clips (bitrate, 1920x1080, etc)


                Please excuse my ignorance in elements as I'm not the one who usually uses it.  But here we go:

                I agree that we should be using the original setting of the clips as our project settings and that we should export the overall project in SD afterward.  The problem is that when we do use the AVCHD project settings (like we should) and then export to mpeg SD 720x480, we get a letter boxed 4:3, and the boss man doesn't want that.  We want the 16x9 clips to be converted to 4:3 and fill the whole screen.  My sony vegas pro has that as an option and we've yet to find that in elements. 


                Hopefully this helps.  As for the clip on youtube, it doesn't seem to be doing very bad.  What happens is when the bald guy moves his hands, and the lady tilts hers head, there's a sort of "digital lag" that appears on our clips.  Almost like some cheezy effect from the 80's.  You know how you can put a "tail" on your mouse arrow and trails behind your mouse as you move it, sort of like that.


                thanks again


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up. I am running some mini test runs and had the following question.


                  Your original XP300 footage...does that have an interlaced or progressive frame rate?

                  When you convert that XP300 original footage to MPEG2 HD, is the frame rate of the converted product interlaced or progressive? From what you wrote "60i", that would interlaced frame rate. Please confirm.




                  More soon related to the black borders part of the issue.



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    How much flexibility do you have in the settings of your player for Full Screen?



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Just a question...is there anything in your conversion process that you have been doing (MXF to MPEG2 HD)  that would prohibit you from converting from MXF (1920 x 1080) to MPEG2.mpg (720 x 480 4:3) and then importing that into a Premiere Elements NTSC DV Standard project for export to your SD 4:3 file?



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                        thejpizzel Level 1

                        Hello again!  Sorry for the late response.  Here we go...


                        There doens't seem to be any options in the aunsoft converting software to adjust or indicate profressive or interlaced.  There's lots of frame rate options (25, 29.97, 30, etc) but non are specificed.  Although I'm aware all those are natually progressive, correct?


                        As for the conversion, when I choose to convert the files to mpeg2 SD 720x480 (or any 4:3 for that matter), the files still comes out in a 16:9 format.  The metadata on the file even says it properly, but the moment I play it in any media player or drop it into any editing system it is still 16:9.  Very frustrating.


                        Aunsfot Transmxf has a free trial download if you'd like to see it and getter a better picture. 

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                          thejpizzel Level 1

                          What appears to be happening is that even though the file and video clip is clearly a 4:3, the actual video is being letterboxed by the converter.  When I drop the clip into a editor with 4:3 project settings, it fits fine, it's just got black bars accross the top and bottom, at which point we have to manually drag the video size to make it "full screen".  This issue is secondary to the other one though.


                          The problem with strange effect is much more pressing.  When we use Sony Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro we do not have this problem.  So the problem is clearly in the converting or in the Elements import/export process.  We are definitely fliming in 60i.  Which framerate preset in the mxf converter should I use for video that's naturally in a 60i?

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            60i represents 60 field per second for interlaced video. This equates to 29.97/30 interlaced frames per second.


                            Does your converter have a preset for 720 x 480 @ 29.97 or 30 interlaced frames per second with a pixel aspect ratio of 0.9091?