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    Touch device interactive animation


      I'm making an interactive animation for an iPhone/iPad, though I'm an animator and barely know any code.

      This is what I have at the moment (only works on a touch device): http://het-reclamebureau-van-amsterdam.nl/watertorenplein


      When you touch the cards, a different text appears for each card you touch. The problem is that the text doesn't always show.

      I used a 'touchstart' on the card animation and a 'mouseover', 'mouseout' for the appearing/dissapearing text (don't know how else to do this).

      I'd like the text to appear when you click on a card, though it should also dissapear once you click on the next card, so it has room to show the text on the new card clicked.


      Could someone please help me out with this?



      Thanks in advance!