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    activated devices - what about reinstallation/parallel installation of different os ?




      Currently I'm moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8 / 8.1, on the same pc. In the moment both os are installed on the same pc (multiboot). What happens, when I install ADE on the second (third...) os, on the same hardware - will it reduce my available number of devices, even though I can run only one os at a time


      What will happen, if I change some hardware components on the pc - what change will influence the number of available activations (harddisc - SSD / RAM / network adapter /....)?


      And: what happens, if an os crashes and I need to completely reinstall the os fram scratch - will that reduce the number of avalable activations, too, when I reinstall ADE on the same hardware?


      Seems to get tricky, somehow...