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    Problems with Preview generation


      I asked about this last night, but I realize I wasn't clear about it.

      When I hit the enter key  to generate previews, the previews render window opens and a frames to number appears on the screen (like usual) then the renders start.

      Was isn't usual is that the number for the preview frames to render continues to climb past the number of frames that I have an in and out point setup for on the timeline.

      If I leave the program alone it will generate thousands of files, I just dleted over 600,000!

      I have deleted the folder where the previews are  going , cleaned the database, deleted all my preview folders.

      Restarted the computer etc.

      Immediately after deleting all the above, I have goen to the same timeline and set up new in and out point and tried to make previews again, the correct number of frames show up and then when the render approaches 90% the number of frames to render starts to rise and rise and rise, if I catch it in time I can cancel the process, If I don't, the program locked up and  I have to cancel the program with the Task Manager.

      I just cleaned out the data cache again, and deleted all the previews files but before I do anything else I wonder what else I should look for.

      I ran chkdsk and no bad sectors were found. I have run Anti Malware bytes also.

      Oh and I made a new name for the Program and save it.

         Thanks In Advance