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    Hide one layer, and remove the visible layers using preflights!

    Johanet Level 1


      I have one pdf (with one layer called "ARTWORK")  in which I create a layer using Javascript. To do this I create a watermark and asigning it to a OCG contents with this code:





      function FindOCG(cName) {

          var aOCGs = this.getOCGs();

          for(var i=0; aOCGs && i<aOCGs.length;i++) {

              if(aOCGs[i].name == cName) return aOCGs[i];


          return null;


      var ocg = null;

      while( (ocg = FindOCG("Watermark")) != null) ocg.name = "NEW LAYER";




      Then I successfully run a preflight profile, which is able to select an object filled with a defined spot colour and put it on the layer named "NEW LAYER"


      The result of this is that I have two layers, (ARTWORK and NEW LAYER)

      But when I want to view ONLY the contents of the NEW LAYER, it is necessary to  show the ARTWORK layer as well, otherwise I see the only the text "watermark" added in the Javascript.


      My intention is hide the ARTWORK layer and show only the elements that I moved to the NEW LAYER, running the following Javascript code:


      var ocgs = this.getOCGs();


      for (var i in ocgs) {


          if (ocgs[i].name=="NEW LAYER")


              ocgs[i].state = true;


      else ocgs[i].state = false;



      and then run another preflight to remove invisible layers.


      But it seems  that even that I move the elements to the new layer, somehow they still remain in the artwork layer...


      Anyone could help me to solve this, please?


      Thanks and Regards.